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Waacking Basics


Kumari Suraj is here to teach you the vibrant and liberatory legacy of waacking! This culture-defining dance originated in the queer community of 1970s Los Angeles. It’s hard to imagine a more freeing, joyful movement! Kumari says it best, “The whole point of waacking is to be free, embrace yourself, to love yourself where you’re at in the moment, and bring what you have in the moment.” All joyn’s classes can be done lying down, seated, or standing. Dance on!

  4.5 out of 5 Star

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Lilai at 2021-01-19

I loved the creative challenge of this class and how it shows how you can start to put together the content of the previous 2 classes. However, there seems to be a tech issue: the intro says it's a 17 minute video and Kumari says we'll cool down, but the video stops after about 12.5 minutes right after the first stretch when she clearly intends to finish out the cool down. It would be awesome if that could get fixed
Lorien Reiff at 2020-12-11