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Swift Sweat


I love when I can pair exercising with music so I'm not thinking about reps or distance...I'm just having fun! And this SWIFT SWEAT CARDIO BEAT workout is all of that! The sweat just happens! So today, I am introducing to the "SWIFT SWEAT SERIES! Cardio moves done to the beat of the music in 20 minutes or less guaranteed to make your body feel AHHHHMAZZZING!!

  4.7 out of 5 Star

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Love this!! My fave class
Aimee Talbot at 2021-09-28

This instructor did just as promised - 20 minutes and I’m sweaty. She was fun and kept things going quickly - which I loved - for future videos I’d love a little more notice of what’s coming up next - but I’m also ok with just rolling with it and catching up as the moves change.
Andrea at 2021-09-23

Easy to do and keep up with
Sharee Morgan at 2021-07-27