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Sweet Ease in Practice


No matter if you are new to movement, easing back in after taking some time, or just easing into your day this practice is for you! Take this time to connect with yourself, your breath, and most importantly... your sweet body. This practice can be done from the floor, or a bed.

  4.3 out of 5 Star

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LB at 2021-08-29

Kelley Moulton at 2021-07-16

I\'ve been stuck in bed due to a bad depressive power so I\'m glad I wasable to find this! I love how calming her voice and presence was, I was finally able to just let go and breathe after days of struggling in bed. Definitely saving this for days when getting out of bed is hard, thank you so much
Amethyst Vatore at 2021-06-12

I loved how accessible this video is trying to be! I did actually struggle a little with the straps - one of my disabilities involves hand and wrist pain & limited strength, so while I wanna find a way to use a strap that doesn't hurt me since it does open up a lot of options for my leg and hip movements in positions like this, I did end up having to take breaks or improvise during the strap use parts. The meditation at the end nearly made me cry. I'm definitely going to save this video to repeat on "sick days" so I can get some movement + reinforce that self love.
Kit DeWitt at 2021-03-02

Just love everything Anna does.
Denise Astorino at 2021-02-03