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Sunrise Beach


This 20-minute slow flow class will move you through some sun salutations and gentle movement to wake-up your body and start your day with a boost of energy.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Caitlin Doherty at 2021-08-02

Really lovely morning practice! I noticed it really did become easier to breathe as the practice went on and I felt myself opened up.
Maggie Micklo at 2021-06-06

Jessica you are such a wonderful teacher and presence ❤️ thank you
Katy Wiggins at 2021-01-28

This has to be my most-watched class. It's so perfect to wake me up and feel loose and ready for my day!
Rachel Winsberg at 2020-12-01

Thank you for bringing the ocean
Michele at 2020-11-14