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Strong Hips


This class is all about hip strengthening and mobility - we will work through some movement to improve hip strength and stability and of course we'll get into some light hip openers as well. Your hips will be so pleased after this sequence. 

  4.9 out of 5 Star

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Loved this session. Lots of challenging muscle activation but, as always, guided through so calmly by Jessica
CC at 2021-08-03

Lindsay D at 2021-07-09

Everyone is right, this is an amazing yoga session. What blew my mind and quite literally changed my life were the small things. I've been doing yoga for 36 years and turning my head during child's pose is exactly what I needed to do! This small change allowed me to breathe easy and RELAX into the pose! Pushing my fingers into the hip crease during the running stretch really gave me the stretch I wasn't getting on my right leg! Thank you Jessica for improving Yoga one class at a time. You are the best!
Theresa Meire at 2021-05-10

Melanie Cole at 2021-05-06

An AMAZING yoga routine only marred by some poor sound design. There were a few points where the music became absolutely overwhelming, and as someone who is hard of hearing it was difficult to still hear Jessica's instructions. Aside from that it was the best yoga class I've taken in a while! Thanks!
Jessica Myers at 2021-01-08