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Step To The Beat


In this low-impact, high-energy series both body and spirit will be moved by the soulful style of Akua! These classes are inspired by Akua’s love of the funky grooves she grew up on - get ready for a joyful movement practice that really gets down!

  4.9 out of 5 Star

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Holy Heck! The minute Akua started talking I started smiling AND my body really enjoyed this class. Love it.
Elisha Hammer at 2021-03-09

I love this video! I really appreciated Akua introducing us to the steps before she asked us to do them, and I liked that she reminded us to make things harder or easier to get the workout we wanted. I worked harder than I have in a long time and I was smiling the whole time.
Jasmine Kelley at 2021-02-26

I love everything about this class! Akua, as usual reminds us to move in joy, and to have fun. I broke a sweat, felt my heart rate go up, all while I was having a good time. I really enjoyed it so much that I didn't want it to end. I would personally love to have longer classes with Akua cuz it truly brings my mood up and my body feeling good!
Sally Bonet at 2021-01-25

Julia Bjerke at 2021-01-19

Great dance workout and easy to follow ( even if you are completely uncoordinated like me)
Margo Tockerman at 2021-01-17