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Step To The Beat


In this low-impact, high-energy series both body and spirit will be moved by the soulful style of Akua! These classes are inspired by Akua’s love of the funky grooves she grew up on - get ready for a joyful movement practice that really gets down!

  4.9 out of 5 Star

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I LOVE this video. It always makes me smile and laugh while exercising. I need Ms. Akua to be my life coach!
Kimberly Slavsky at 2021-06-14

This was so welcomed for my movement this morning!
Rebecca Bessman at 2021-05-20

Amazing class! Akua's positivity made me smile right away, and I kept smiling the whole way through. A good workout without being impossible!
Breanna Montgomery at 2021-05-11

awesome video, great energy!
Kait McIntosh at 2021-05-06

I love this! pure joy! and I am sweating~
Jenny Dunkle at 2021-03-22