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Lyndsie Ross

Lyndsie Ross

Lyndsie (she/her) is one of our resident pilates instructors. Her invitation for you to joyn is to meet your body with kindness and move with it, rather than against it. Lyndie's sessions are invigorating and engaging.

Why Lyndsie teaches: “I spent years working out, and really, working against my own body's nature. I thought that fitness was a battle I was in against my body. Once I found pilates it just clicked and I knew this was what my body actually needed after years of the war I had raged upon my joints and muscles. I decided to pursue teaching pilates because I wanted to bring this modality to more people like me. I want other people  to know that you don’t have to have a certain type of body to do pilates, because pilates has something for every.body.”

Movement Specialties: Pilates

Accessibility Level: All are welcome