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Heather Stockton

Heather Stockton

Heather (she/they) is our resident mixed-style dance instructor. She invites you to joyn in on her love of improv, creative dance, and classical dance under the umbrella of DANCE CRUSH! You're welcome to joyn Heather in finding your joy through dance.

Why Heather teaches: “Dance has brought me healing and joy through-out my life and I want to share that with others. When I move, I feel all the things I need to feel in that moment. I dedicate my life to support all bodies in finding joy and liberation through dance and movement. ”

Movement Specialties: Improve / Creative dance, embodied joy and expression dance classes (Trained in every genre) At the core of it JOY!

Accessibility Level: All are welcome, Heather is ready for you if this is your first class or you are a seasoned dancer!