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Elsa Tatom

Elsa Tatom

Elsa (she/her) is one of joyn's incredible cardio and spin instructors. Her invitation for you to joyn is through empowering to find a way to move that feels good while leaning into what’s possible. Elsa would love your participation in a spin, cardio, or postnatal session!

Why Elsa teaches: “Choosing to move one’s body in a way that feels good is one of the most empowering things a person can do. My favorite part of being a fitness instructor is helping people find movement that works best for them - movement that makes them feel strong, inspired, capable, and excited. Finding joy in movement, as well as happiness and freedom in one’s own skin are things that everyone deserves. All I ask is that you trust your body and trust me to guide you through the process. It can be uncomfortable and challenging at times, but with struggle always comes a newfound strength. Together, we will embrace the journey and grow!”

Movement Specialties: Cardio, Spin, Postnatal Movement

Accessibility Level: All are welcome