This series of restorative pilates classes is designed to support mobility, balance, and strength. Go at your own pace and have fun!

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This was awesome! It is a good workout but easy enough I can do it . It also shows modifications. The instructor is amazing and the two woman working out are great at demonstrating. I would highly recommend this video.
Shandy Brown at 2021-07-27

Agree that at the beginning it should say what equipment you need. Apart from that the exercises were not hard and he instruct has a lovely way about her. Definitely looking for more of her classes.
Paula Kelly at 2021-01-26

Definitely not for anyone who is just starting out-not because the exercises are hard but because there is very little guidance on what the moves actually are, it's just jumping right in. Also make sure you have a rolled up towel to lay on at one point, a strap or strap substitute, and a chair. All of these tools are used in this video, not that you know from the description or the start of the video. This feels like it was taken out of a longer session and everyone felt like it would just be fine on it's own without context. But some kind of context would be great.
Jessica Myers at 2021-01-04

Awesome workout! Hope to see more like it in the future.
Ashlee at 2020-12-04

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