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This class was created for you to share in Lei’s passion for hula dance. You’re invited to celebrate the beauty of hula as she takes you through each joyful movement. This class can be done laying down, seated, or standing.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Thank you instructors! This is a beautiful expression of movement. I am thrilled I have found Joyn. Finally instructors I feel a connection to. Thank you!!!
Jasmine Palmer at 2021-06-27

This is beautiful!!!!
Sandy at 2021-06-07

Absolutely lovely! Thank you!
Aimee McKay at 2021-06-02

Really great time, total discovery to me, I loved it, very peaceful and joyful. I would like to try it regularly, it feels like a great daily routine to connect with my body and vacation vibes!!! Thank you
Lisa Pabion at 2021-05-09

I am just starting to take control of my life and get some movement and flexibility in my life. This is perfect and I am really enjoying it. And it makes me dream of the islands
Katrina Cole at 2021-05-08