Water Jug Madness


I bet you didn't think water would be this much fun!

  4.2 out of 5 Star

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This one was a challenge! FYI- if you start to get burned out, you can stop after the first round- the exercises repeat for 2 more rounds (yes, two more rounds of getting up off the floor with no arms1). As you get stronger, add a round. Her Fun with Brooms is a good course if you are new to weights. I love her no-nonsense, informal style, I wish I could take classes with her irl!
Carly Jayne at 2021-03-09

Great workout.
Beverly Cooper at 2021-02-10

I found this workout to be a little confusing, even though I did really like some of the moves, especially the goblet squat and thrusts. Many of the sequences were done in the different order during each round and some were skipped all together. This was my first video with Wendy so maybe that is her style. I will try another workout with her and hopefully its not as scattered.
jillyoo at 2021-01-09

I really liked this, but this one was a bit too challenging for me to finish right now. It could be because I'm using a weight heavier than the jug. There were some problems with the video; it would stop, buffer, and show the intro screen before returning to the video, and this happened about 6 times.
Ashlee at 2020-11-13

Wendy's workout was challenging, but it felt good. A couple issues with quality control, but I appreciate that I am sweating like crazy!
Erica Golle at 2020-11-12

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