Wake Up & Stretch: Yoga for the Morning


Kate leads you through a gentle flow for practicing when you wake up. Keep your jammies on and ease into your day!   More

  5 out of 5 Star

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The material of this bra is soft and the hold is great for yoga and cardio!

- Kate

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Love this color combo and the high waist that doesn't slip!

- Kate


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I did this all before ever getting out of bed! Perfect stretches for combating my morning RA stiffness, and perfect mindfulness for combating my anxiety. Thanks Kate! This will become part of my daily morning routine.
Janai at 2021-04-10

That was lovely! Will definitely be a regular practice. I love the saying/mantra/blessing at the end.
Kristi N at 2021-04-02

Sarah Vial at 2021-03-21

Feeling ready to take on the day!
Laura Anderson at 2021-03-19

Perfect way to wake and activate!
Renee Elizabeth Carroll at 2021-03-06

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