Unfold and Restore


This is a 30 minute restorative practice with a couple rounded off with a couple of heart openers to release the lower back and heart center. This is great wind-down for bed time OR anytime you need to relax, find stillness and feel embodied.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Kate Mosher at 2021-05-03

Jessica is a great instructor! This is a great class.
Leah at 2021-01-16

Yay thank you for another great class. I have tbh, i am REALLY appreciating these restorative classes right now!
Kirsten at 2020-12-12

Kristie Powell at 2020-11-18

This was great and extremely relaxing! I tweaked my hip a couple of weeks ago and this was a great way to give it some of the stretching which it desperately needed without overdoing it!
Remy at 2020-11-09

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