Spooky Chair Magic: Cat Magic


Today we are flowing with a gentle chair flow calling In the magic and mystery of the cat!  Props needed: Chair, Cat ears if available

  5 out of 5 Star

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LOVED this class! Today, was one of those days and I REALLY needed some cat magic!!! Thank you, Anna!!!
Sarah at 2021-03-29

I just found this community and this is the first class I watched - loved it! I’m just starting to branch out on my new movement journey, so I am fairly able-bodied but brand new to everything. This was the perfect class to start with! I am definitely feeling it, but I’m not winded nor did I ever feel behind. The pacing is perfect and the teacher is so sweet! Where can I put in my friend application?! Thanks so much Anna!! P.S. - I wore constellation leggings and a Hocus Pocus shirt to set the mood!
Rachael Kopfhammer at 2021-02-28

I have never done chair yoga before! I am abled body but I had completed a work out previously and was looking for something to calm me down for bedtime. I enjoy Anna's work and I LOVE the cat outfit. It was cute, as I was working out at one point, my cat came up and starting to scratch her head with my hand and I had my arm extended on one side and the other was scratching her head! I really enjoy chair yoga! It's so inclusive and overall a relaxing thing to do.
Alexandra at 2020-11-11

I love the Spooky Chair Magic series! It was fun and felt really good!
Ashlee at 2020-11-07

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