Spooky Chair Magic 4: DANCE BABY DANCE


You did it! You made it to our final class of the series, this class is a full out dance party! Join me with my Rose quartz hair and gamer girl look to dance It out free flowing chair style! 

  4.9 out of 5 Star

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Ann Farrell at 2021-04-03

This was great!
Melissa MacDonald at 2021-04-01

Needed this freeing moment today! Feeling really good now, thanks Anna!
Helen Bertrand at 2021-03-13

Super fun & freeing. Makes me want to move in a way I enjoy.
Jackie b at 2021-03-13

Wow, I don't usually make it through a whole workout video, but I did with Anna's. I am a new sub, I would love to see more vids from her ^^
Nicole Kennedy at 2021-03-09

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