Sooth Back Pain


This class is focused on bringing some gentle release to the mid/lower back. We will move slowly through a series of seated, prone and supine postures with a brief period of standing...   More

  4.9 out of 5 Star

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Jessica I love your guidance. Thank you. This flow was work and I could feel my body releasing my stuck energy. Thank you for modeling mindfulness. I look forward to revisiting and observing progress.
Sarah Thoeming at 2021-03-15

Loving it!
Jessica Koob at 2021-03-09

Ashlee at 2021-03-02

I was able to follow this all the way through even with all the pain I am in. I did struggle at a couple parts but was able to modify it to complete it/or just take it slower. It definitely helped my back and was just a good overall stretch!
Amanda Zerilli at 2021-02-16

I just joined simply to help my back! I am overweight which has gotten so much worse because of my back and the no movement it has created! I am not good at Yoga AT ALL, I couldn’t do the standing exercises yet but I will get there thank you!!
Amy Bynum at 2021-02-15

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