Smash HIIT


A fun quick sweaty HIIT that will leave you feeling amazing!

  4.1 out of 5 Star

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Laura Anderson at 2021-04-23

Had a blast!! The workouts was very doable for me, wasn't hard to do and very easy to follow along. Wendy is Awesome and Fun!!
Kilisha Mosley at 2021-04-16

way too many breaks. every time I started to get my heart rate up and was sweating we were taking a break.
Jessica at 2021-03-23

Katelynn at 2021-03-14

This is amazing. I did not struggle to understand a single set of the exercise. It was challenging in the most fun way. I was still able to complete it with asthma! For those with pretty bad asthma this is one of those videos that is challenging but you can definitely do it, unlike some others in which I have to pause for my breath to catch up.
Riannon at 2021-02-28

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