Seated Tai Chi


30 minutes of joint opening, circulation and gentle tai chi. Tai Chi is moving energy with the mind in a relaxed state. This can help relax body and mind through gentle opening movements. You will feel sensitized to what you feel and become aware of where your stress and blockages are.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Amazing! I am gonna do this daily in the am
Jessica Koob at 2021-02-24

Fantastic! I love a seated class I can do before work... to wake up my body. I think this would be good before bed as it is relaxing. It really worked my back muscles. Collette gives clear instructions and I like the music. Thanks.
Elizabeth Anderson at 2021-02-09

So great to focus on all of these areas that get so much tension and stress! This is definitely going to be a daily class for me.
Rain from NYC at 2021-01-13

Awesome class!!! My first time trying tai chi and I loved it. Thanks for your time.
Deyhana Thompson at 2021-01-04

I love this. I do it at my desk when I can't get focused and the difference is amazing. I might also try this before bed.
Jenny Dunkle at 2020-12-17

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