Seated Energizing Flow


Use this quick class to start your day with some energy, embodiment, and flow! We will moving through energizing postures and movements to get our bodies ready for whatever comes our way! Take the next 10 minutes of energizing self-care, just for you!

  4.5 out of 5 Star

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Finally! Something I can do to start to loosen up my body. Thanks!
Suzanne D Galloway at 2021-06-23

This is one of my favorites to do in the morning. It just feels like it loosens my body a bit while calming me. Thank you!
Carrie at 2021-06-02

I'm just starting out with Joyn, to work more movement into my sedentary job life in an office, and this was so helpful. It wasn't strenuous on my joints, and really made me feel good about getting in some movement. Thanks for being so awesome, Anna!
Theo at 2021-04-27

Jennifer Burch at 2021-04-18

Anna Greenwood at 2021-04-08

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