Restore Your Hips


Restorative/Yin class focused on the hips. We stay down on the ground and we will be holding supportive postures for a few minutes to allow the body to release and restore function.    More

  4.8 out of 5 Star

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Samantha Williams at 2021-04-21

I really love the class. I could really use some better ideas on how to support my knees. I use a blanket and pillow. But it still hurts. Thanks
Charlotte Sacks at 2021-04-15

wonderful class, though the audio could be a bit louder. I would love to have a class for weak ankles.
Paula Ruas at 2021-02-17

This was a fabulous, relaxing evening class. Sleeping pigeon is one of my favorite hip openers, so I was pleased to see it included here. Can\'t wait for another class!
Kim Parmenter Wynands at 2021-02-14

Love this gentle and slow flow. Between nerve damage in my shoulder and current knee injuries, I’m very limited in movement that feels good. Thank you for the variation suggestions. I’m still new to yoga as an infinifat so I’ll take all the variations I can get.
Jennifer Teehee at 2021-02-01

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