Restore & Repair


This restorative/yin style class will move us through a series of supported supine and seated postures with an extra long hold allowing you to rest, restore, and revitalize your body.

  5 out of 5 Star

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What a great instructor! I felt my body and mind relax while following Jessica throughout this restorative session.
Megan B Reigstad at 2021-02-25

Wow! This class was an amazing, gentle, healing thirty minutes. Jessica, you are such an incredible teacher. Thank you!
Heather Stockton at 2021-02-13

Soothing music. I love restorative yoga. Options were always given which is great. I am glad I have a bolster.
Elizabeth Anderson at 2021-01-31

If you're scared to try yoga I think this is a nice and gentle start. Lots of happy vibes and relaxing.
Talia T Helder at 2021-01-20

She is wonderful, very relaxing to follow. Love her!
Amy L Ymker at 2021-01-16

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