Queer Dance Crush


In this Dance Crush special, we celebrate National Coming In Day with an energetic, bouncy, hip hop inspired routine. You will practice different rhythmic movements, footwork, and body rolls with an open mind to stay playful with it. This is an intermediate level class that can be modified for beginners. 

  5 out of 5 Star

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C. Campbell at 2021-01-08

My 12 year old non-binary kiddo has really struggled with 6th grade PE during distance learning. The PE teacher has been using really non inclusive exercise videos that are not body positive at all and are just not engaging. There has been tears and major power struggles every time they have to do it. After forcing them to do it for the last month(and doing it with them each time and realizing myself that it was alienating and totally not fun) my partner and I decided that we would find videos on our own for my child. This video seemed like the perfect place to start and it really was perfect. My child was encouraged, motivated, engaged and downright joyful during this video. No power struggles, no tears.They kept talking about how much the instructor loved to dace.....just like them. Thank you for this lovely video. We can't wait to do more.
Michelle R Veatch at 2020-12-17

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