Pillow Fight 1


Pillows have never been so fun! Learn functional movements with a pillow!

  4.5 out of 5 Star

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All I can is WOW! I absolutely loved this workout and worked up a good sweat doing it.
Jessie Gray at 2021-04-01

Wow, this is actually more of a workout than I thought at first. Those pillow throw squats really worked my inner thighs.
Rainy at 2021-03-31

Once again Wendy had me smiling and sweating. I think I need a pillow that can actually take a beating, though!
Amy Blamey at 2021-03-23

This was a lot of fun and it was movements that I had not done before. I actually was winded after the workout s!o it was the perfect amount of energy level for me. Thank you for a great workout
Carla Carda at 2021-03-18

This was my first joyn video. It was fun, but a bit too easy for me. Great as a warm-up or for a low energy day.
Molly Parsons at 2021-03-06

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