Patience & Balance Slow Flow


This standing class will explore patience and stillness through a series of standing and balancing postures. This class has a heavy emphasis on the lower body and does not include typical...   More

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This is a wonderful flow that feels both restorative and invigorating, perfect for a gentle and empowering start to the day.
Kendra Strand at 2021-06-09

cody hawes at 2021-05-14

Beautiful, creative flow--and I'm grateful that it feels very complete without applying any direct pressure to my knees.
Michelle Sutton at 2021-05-10

Definitely a good one to continually do to work on balance...and patience!! I don't have blocks and didn't realize how much I was going to need them so had to improvise a lot. Would like some modifications on this one especially for a beginner at some of the poses. But I just did what felt good and overall was very pleased. I will be doing this one often until I'm feeling that much needed balance!
Julie Keefer at 2021-02-05

Rebecca Marie at 2021-01-31

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