Mood Shifter


In this class we will build some heat pretty and work our upper body strength. We will begin building heat very early and will be up and down for the majority of class. This is a great way to flip perspective/mood, and allow difficult energy move through more freely through you when you're feeling stuck.

  4.7 out of 5 Star

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Jessica your voice is so soothing, great class!
Cristie Campbell at 2021-06-16

Really liked this class, with the energy/heat that was built up and the progressive muscle relaxation at the end.
Lindsay Elizondo at 2021-05-13

Sheyla at 2021-04-25

I love this practice, but the elevator music in savasana ruins it for me
Muriel at 2021-04-08

So great! Was struggling a lot with overcoming my own inertia and this really helped.
Eleanor at 2021-01-04

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