Mindfulness Boxing Series - Releasing Anxiety


In this practice I will walk you in finding peace and releasing anxiety with a breathing technique and throwing some punches.   More

  5 out of 5 Star

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I never thought I'd enjoy boxing! So lovely and encouraging and made me smile. Thanks.
Katharina Smith-Muller at 2021-06-09

Ohhh man my arms are going to feel this tomorrow. So fun though!
Maggie Micklo at 2021-06-04

I loved this! It was a perfect way to end my day. I have only tried boxing once before and it was not a good experience. I did start to feel frustrated in the middle but the "breathing/water/mantra break was timed perfectly and gave me the encouragement I needed to push forward with a SMILE!
ET at 2021-05-12

Callie Bane at 2021-03-27

Needed something to make me sweat but not too hard hitting. Perfect for ending the day!
Shelly K Alexander at 2021-03-04

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