Mindfulness Boxing Series - Learning to Let Go


In this class we will work on letting go stress and worries. We are entering a season when we start feeling overwhelmed is cold in some places some feel alone and others have anxiety with...   More

  5 out of 5 Star

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My favorite workout on Joyn so far. It's short so it fits into more slots in my schedule, and very fun!
Brandi Fleming at 2021-05-11

Great to destress at the end of the day. Solid short workout...and that ocean!
Martha H Garvey at 2021-04-05

Relin K at 2021-04-02

I loved this video, but I kept having this weird experience where the audio and the video weren't synced, so the audio would cut out every 30 seconds or so. Did anyone else have that issue? I typically do martial arts (which have been suspended due to COVID), so I LOVE LOVE LOVE these boxing videos. And you use my favorite phrase, "Hey party people!" Cannot recommend your videos enough.
Katy Wyatt at 2021-04-01

Yay! Awesome workout!
Carla Carda at 2021-03-31

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