Making Space & Finding Balance


In this class we will focus on building strength, decompressing the side body and activating the core. You will be encouraged to engage in a loving conversation with your body through movement and breath.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Such a great mix of energizing and relaxing. I always feel great after Jessica's classes. This was a favorite :)
Lindsay D at 2021-07-02

Yes! This has been my favourite class here so far. I really enjoyed the focus on strengthening while being guided by Jessica's gentle voice. Would love to see more like this!
CC at 2021-06-11

Really enjoyed this, Jessica is amazing and these poses are a great way to build strength. I struggled with my planks today but the addition of the blocks made a huge difference.
Lauren Gillman at 2021-03-30

I'm officially a Jessica fangirl, hahaha! I really loved the poses that focused on strengthening the hip flexors. Mine are reaallllly weak, and the poses were just challenging enough that I was still able to smile through them. Great mix of strengthening and relaxation.
Nicole Morgan at 2021-02-22

Great class! Definitely need decent upper body strength for this one. Couldn't get through all the downward dogs, personally, but I did modified poses and feel great!
Summer Devotchka at 2021-02-20

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