Lei’s Ekahi Session


Basic Polynesian movements to get our bodies warmed up. We are going with the flow and just enjoying the movement with our bodies.

  4.8 out of 5 Star

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This brings back so many memories from the year I graduated high school and my Grandmother's sister's daughters challenged us to a hula dance off for our family reunion. I am so happy to be touching base with my heritage and the last full year I had with my Momma. Thank you so much for this content. You are a treasure Leina'ala!
nicole schmidt at 2021-05-26

First time trying this style. I love it.!!!
Alba Guijarro Ribes at 2021-05-04

This was fun! I liked how this video told you what you needed before you started, and included water breaks/rests to pause during. I enjoyed this class and look forward to taking more.
Jessica Myers at 2021-01-05

Fun and easy to do. It got my core engaged and my heart rate up!
Sara Hoerdeman at 2021-01-03

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