Legs and Shoulders - Standing Tall with Pilates


In this standing Pilates session that can be used as a warm up for other workouts, or as a stand alone workout we will focus on, balance, leg strength and getting your  shoulders and...   More

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Just the right waist height and moves great with my body, all from a sustainable brand I love to support.

- Lyndsie


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I did this after the barre introduction class, and I've got to say my calves are NOT loving me, but this was a great class and I'll definitely be on the look out for more from Lyndsie
Remy at 2021-02-25

This is the second of Lyndsie's videos I've tried. I really enjoyed it. Feel warm and stretched and have used muscles I didn't know I had! Thank you!
Gem at 2021-02-22

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