Intro to Boxing Combos


An introduction to boxing combos along with a quick review of your boxing fundamentals. You will learn three combinations and we will finish with some core work in this 19-minute video.

  4.8 out of 5 Star

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I totally did this in my sports bra. I NEVER workout that way and my bra had boxing gloves on it too! :)
Theresa Meire at 2021-05-01

I really love how supportive Georgina is! This video had me SWEATING and totally out of breath in a good way. I loved the core work at the end (video worked the full length for me) and I felt like I got a really nice mix of strength and cardio with gentle reminders to take breaks. Looking forward to more boxing :)
Maggie Micklo at 2021-04-29

Video is fix thank you for the feedback
Georgina Shaffer at 2021-02-06

Same as others - it was fun and she is a great teacher, but wish I could have had the rest of the video!
Candice Moran at 2021-02-01

Nice! Wish it didn’t cut off early!
C Boggs-Chavira at 2021-01-31

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