I Think I KNEE To Rehab, I said Show, Show, Show - Part 1


Having knee or lower body trouble.  well dont you worry your pretty lil heart! Here's a little rehab for you!    More

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this felt great! I have a very physically demanding job and frequently experience low back, knee and ankle pain. I learned some stretches I can do at just about any time to help alleviate my pain and can feel how much it's going to help! I've already saved this to a playlist so I can return to it easily in the future!
Kristi N at 2021-04-02

This was excellent in content. I felt it was a little scattered. I wish there was something that listed items you will need for a class. I also wish that I was told where to feel the stretch. The part that comes to mind was sitting with the ankle on the knee and pushing down in the knee. I had no idea what I was supposed to feel and didn’t feel a stretch at all. That being said, the stretches were all effective. I am hoping to incorporate some of them into some sort of routine.
Margaux at 2021-02-16

I was really excited about this class as I have some knee issues and need to do some stretching/rehab. However, she gave instruction at the END of the video about how to warm up before doing any of the stretches (which I guess should be noted for any exercise but seemed backwards). Note that to do this you'll be moving from standing, sitting, laying down on floor (very briefly and there was only half an instruction on this), then to a bench and/or sofa. It was a bit scattered but I actually do think all the stretches are crucial and helpful. Just wish there was a better flow. I will continue to try class 2 despite being a little discouraged after the first one.
Julie Keefer at 2021-02-07

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