HIIT It To The Beat


This is an example of a bodyweight HIIT workout in under 15 minutes using music as a guide. Super quick, sweaty and sure to provide you with a boost of energy!    More

  4.8 out of 5 Star

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Intermediate difficulty for beginners or for those of us who have worked out in a long time. But it was fun and easy to do modifications if needed. Definitely got my HR up! Enjoyed it. will do it again!
AMANDA D MCFADDEN at 2021-04-24

Loved this exercise routine. I'll be doing this again. Loved the various alternative moves.
LaWanda Smith at 2021-02-23

My first workout with Elsa and I loved it. A great workout that really put me through my paces in a short time, will definitely do it again,
Lauren Gillman at 2021-02-19

This kicked my butt in a really great way! It definitely starts more on the 'how this move normally looks' than other videos on the site - but Elsa offers modifications as well!
Remy at 2021-02-16

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