Hannah's Happy Cardio - Seated Variation - 60's Realness! 


Take this seated class to channel your inner Mod Icon and travel back to the 60's with me! Music and moves inspired by all things Elvis, Go-Go, and Classic Girl Groups!    More

  5 out of 5 Star

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Cheerful. Lots of moves I will use in spontaneous dance breaks. To amuse the dogs.
Jeanne at 2021-04-12

So fun and enjoyable!!
Bobbi Olson at 2021-04-05

This is a groovy chair workout! Thanks, Hannah!
Laurie Heath at 2021-03-24

I have multiple sclerosis as well as am a two time cancer survivor. Not only did I find the struggle of being self conscious about my body but I needed chair exercises to keep me accommodated and safe. Joyn has been a God sent and possibly the first stepping stone on helping to save my life.
Lindsey Gundling at 2021-03-19

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