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Hands & Shoulder Joints


20 minutes of relaxing connection to nature and focusing on relieving stress in shoulders and hand joints. This session focuses on high tension areas in the shoulders and hands. Circulations and blood flow can be activated to relieve tightness in hands, fingers and shoulders where we hold a lot of tension. We finish with deep breathing to feel a deep sense of calm.

  5 out of 5 Star

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I absolutely loved this session. The amount of neck and shoulder pain I released is astonishing. I have severe carpal tunnel and my hand felt relief for the first time in years.
Katie Hewitt at 2021-01-13

This really helped relieve tension across the back of my shoulders and in my neck!
Kimberly Davis at 2021-01-08

I'm a pianist and transcriptionist, and I get carpal tunnel often. I had no idea how badly I needed those finger movements--I found a circular motion to be quite difficult. The next time I attempt this, I will sit on a chair with a back. I have kyphoscoliosis and I just couldn't take the pain of lotus position while doing shoulder and spine movements. This definitely relieved some tension in my back and shoulders, which are affected by the straight posture of piano and typing, too. I love how Collette's workouts can be done sitting down and how she finishes sessions with positive affirmations. I find her voice so soothing!
April Burrows at 2021-01-03

I'm piano teacher and my hands *really* needed this - thanks!
Tracey at 2020-11-14

Really helped me open up my shoulder and neck.
Uma at 2020-11-08