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Hands & Shoulder Joints


20 minutes of relaxing connection to nature and focusing on relieving stress in shoulders and hand joints. This session focuses on high tension areas in the shoulders and hands. Circulations and blood flow can be activated to relieve tightness in hands, fingers and shoulders where we hold a lot of tension. We finish with deep breathing to feel a deep sense of calm.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Gillian Jimenez at 2021-05-21

I have with severe arthritis, and a trauma/anxiety history that makes me really clench the muscles around my shoulders, I really felt my upper body relax with this. I want to incorporate it into my daily practice.
Shane Rubin at 2021-05-14

Sam Savoie at 2021-05-04

Lisa Marie Gabriel at 2021-04-23

Rachael Hodder at 2021-04-19