Grounding Flow - Wrist Free


We will explore standing postures including a warrior sequence that will keep you strong and grounded.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Lori Rossi at 2021-04-30

This was just what I needed as an out of practice yogi who spends a lot of time at a desk for work! Jessica was amazingly welcoming and calming and I'm excited to do another one of her videos tomorrow.
Arien B at 2021-04-27

Jessica you are such a gift to us all!! Your classes are always exactly what feels right, just the right amount of heat, with a lot of ease ❤️
Katy Wiggins at 2021-01-13

It's so so so nice not to have to get up and down from the ground!!! This was a great practice! I added it to my favorites!
Liz Johanson at 2021-01-10

I love the standing flows! Knowing going in that I am not going to have to adjust my position just makes me feel a lot more confident!
Remy at 2020-11-16

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