Get Bright Moves U - Move N Groove


Collette takes you through 20 minutes of moderate movements, stretching, light dance moves, and deep breathing.

  5 out of 5 Star

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what a FANTASTIC session -- this really helped me feel connected to my body. the affirmations and prompts to feel the energy we radiate was wonderful - i absolutely needed this type of energy let into my life - i cannot wait to do more sessions with collette!!
Damian Petre at 2021-04-13

Wow this was truly an awesome way to bring the blood flow, and the breathing together ❤ I enjoyed this, and it will be my daily way to start my day! Thank you so much!
Annette moreland at 2021-02-16

Another great session with Collette! A soft and gentle way to get the body moving and warmed up and the joints loosened. Focusing on the energy built up in the body and the breathing exercises towards the end of the session was really calming and made me really appreciate and be grateful for my body and the movement I am able to do.
Norlyn at 2021-02-14

Loved that, Collette. Energy giving and relaxing at the same time.
Sonia D Fabbri at 2021-02-12

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