Fun With Balance!


Kate invites you to share a 15 minute flow focused on balance. All poses can be done either standing or from a chair. Take some time away from the imbalance of the world, and find some...   More

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Love the red color and the powerhold leggings stay up really well during my practice!

- Kate


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this is great but there is some missing for the left leg on one pose, wish it was complete!
Jenn at 2021-02-15

thank you Kate! this was great.
Sarah Vial at 2021-01-21

I appreciate that this gives you options for intensity of pose whilst standing, but the way they are presented in-video leaves you with uneven times standing on each leg. Also there was only a knee lift for one leg, which further threw off my balance (so to speak).
Kim Parmenter Wynands at 2021-01-10

Short and peaceful balance work.
Desiree Gaiser at 2021-01-09

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