Focused Power 8.1


Interval Focus (.1) Base Level. HIIT-inspired cardio workout. *Focused Power is an 18- workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric exercises. Each...   More

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Wow that was sweaty! As always, loved every minute and can\'t believe how fast it went!
Lauren Gillman at 2021-06-03

Time for a longer review now that I've done three of your videos over the past three days' lunch hours- YOU ARE AMAZING. It's so, so meaningful to see someone who has almost my exact body type doing amazing things, while also discussing how it's SO easy to convince yourself that you can't do something because you've never seen someone with your body type doing it... that's so true. But thanks to you being here, being real, not editing away the sweat and enthusiasm...I HAVE seen someone with my body type doing amazing, strong things. Thank you! Also, your enthusiasm gets to me even on my sleepiest, grumpiest afternoons. It's just so genuine.
Jennifer Black at 2021-05-26

This kicked my ass - thank you, Kanoa!
Melanie B Long at 2021-05-24

Shelby Novak at 2021-05-11

Thanks for bringing me joy, sweat, and motivation this morning, Kanoa!
Norlyn at 2021-03-16

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