Focused Power 8.1


Interval Focus (.1) Base Level. HIIT-inspired cardio workout. *Focused Power is an 18- workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric exercises. Each...   More

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Love moving in fun prints and colors to brighten up my day!

- Kanoa


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Thanks for bringing me joy, sweat, and motivation this morning, Kanoa!
Norlyn at 2021-03-16

That kicked my tushy! What I love is that I felt ready for it. Thank you!
Lauren Eskovitz at 2021-02-24

This was my first class on joyn! Was such a good workout. So lovely to do movement that was just focused on how I was feeling and feeling strong in my own body. Thanks Kanoa, you are a joy.
Kimberley Olivecrona at 2021-02-24

I think Kanoa and the instructors on Joyn are the only workout video instructors that somehow motivate me to challenge myself! Love this series and though it can be challenging, it feels like a scalable, DOABLE challenge. Don't worry about the chat Kanoa, you're always fabulous and someone needs to count for us! Even when you can't chat as much I still find your vibe inspiring. More more more please!
Stina at 2021-02-19

This series just keeps getting better and better. This was probably the most challenging workout but I still loved it. Also WHYYY are arms circles so damn torturous?!?!
jillyoo at 2021-01-15

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