Focused Power 5.2 - Mid Level


Total Body Power (.2) Mid Level. Total body muscle strengthening workout. Focused Power is a 18-workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric exercises. Each workout has a (.1 - Base Level), (.2 - Mid Level) and (.3 - Intensified Level) to help you gain focused POWER at the level that serves YOU best.

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Kanoa is an amazing instructor. I love her upbeat and encouraging attitude. I was skipping around these just picking a workout by time length, my basic mood etc. I decided to start at 1.2 and am now working my way through. I really want to go white water rafting and am looking to upping my overall strength. I feel these workouts are giving me what I need. Look forward to 6.2
Nicole Smith at 2021-03-30

Wow! This workout made me feel strong! I appreciate your encouragement to get through the more tough movements, and that you encourage us to do what works with our bodies. I'm excited to try this with weights in the future. Going through this series I feel like I'm making progress from where I was before. I used to have difficulties with a 10 minute workout, and now I'm able to do this series with both enough comfort and enough challenge. One thing I will note is that there were some technical difficulties with this video (as there was with one of Wendy's). The video would pause and restart randomly, and it happened about 6 times. I think this is because of the upgrades to the website, so that might be something the web developers could look at.
Ashlee at 2020-11-18

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