Focused Power 4.3 - Intensified Level


Plyo Focus (.3) Intensified Level. Agility and Plyometrics workout. Focused Power is a 18-workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric exercises. Each workout has a (.1 - Base Level), (.2 - Mid Level) and (.3 - Intensified Level) to help you gain focused POWER at the level that serves YOU best.

  5 out of 5 Star

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I'm so glad I decided to give this a try. Kanoa is so encouraging and really helped me to get through the entire exercise! I feel so much better after!
Krystal L Puckett at 2021-03-07

Love that this was challenging but not impossible so I could do everything and get a proper work out rather than feeling annoyed for not being able to do really hard stuff. Thanks Kanoa!
Sarah Batten at 2021-02-19

I really like this series. It's challenging enough that I get a good workout but not so impossible that I give up because it's too hard.
Margo Tockerman at 2021-01-31

I honestly love all the instructors, but Kanoa is one of my favorites - especially for cardio, she always seems to know just when I need motivation the most. Love this series, please keep it coming! :)
Stina at 2021-01-27

This was a brilliant workout, I feel so energised and glad I did the workout. Kanoa is so inspirational!
Lauren Gillman at 2021-01-14

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