Focused Power 11.3


Total Body Power (.3) Intensified Level. Total body muscle strengthening workout. *Focused Power is an 18-workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric...   More

  4.8 out of 5 Star

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I actually did a few single leg bridges! My leg was bent and I only came up a little, but I did some!
Theresa Meire at 2021-05-05

This is the hardest HIIT workout I have done with you. I am nervous for 12.3. I had to do some mods, but look forward to the next time I go through and get here how much further I'll be. But 39 minutes had me intimidated from the beginning!
Nicole Smith at 2021-05-05

Loved it! Thank you for the wrist warm up before going into push ups, too! :)
Lindsay Elizondo at 2021-03-31

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