Focused Power 1.1


Focused Power is a 18-workout series combining cardio, muscle strengthening, agility and plyometric exercises. Each workout has a (.1 - Base Level), (.2 - Mid Level) and (.3 - Intensified Level) to help you gain focused POWER at the level that serves YOU best.

  4.7 out of 5 Star

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I love joyn and the instructors you all rock!! Kanoa focus classes are phenomenal! I am still in my free trail but I am not going anywhere sooo glad I found this group! Just what I needed to keep me going! To see ppl like me just exercising and not feeling like the out cast in the room!! Love it!!
Victoria Signal at 2021-03-30

Love how encouraging Kanoa is and how many variations they offer,
Chuck at 2021-03-26

Just what I needed to get back into moving my body.
Vanessa Kay Garmon at 2021-03-16

Rebecca Burton at 2021-03-14

Than you! I love your workouts so much I decided to do a challenge. I am going to go through each of these in order. So 1.1 today, 2.1 tomorrow and so on...Thank YOU!
Lauren Eskovitz at 2021-02-17

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