Flow With Me


Join Anna for an 18-minute slow flow yoga session. This class can be done lying down, seated, or standing.    More

  5 out of 5 Star

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It really is nice to work out with similar bodies. I always felt out of place and I couldn’t keep up with other videos. This was great and felt so nice. I was relaxed and felt strong at the end and laid on my floor for a while, which felt so good. Thank you!
Jennifer Guildford at 2021-02-19

This class was amazing-I love working out with bodies like mine! Thank you so much!!! Also side note your nose is adorable!!!LOL
Catherine Shampine at 2021-02-16

I loved it! Anna is awesome. I love yoga play time!
Beverly Cooper at 2021-02-09

Such a lovely combination of Yoga moves and time to recenter the hips and find your own flow. She models excellent self care and self acceptance as well as good yoga breathing. Loved the use of the chair. I got into poses I have not done in year because of the chair. I feel great! thank you, C
Catherine Hills at 2021-02-08

Really wonderful, chill flow. Perfect for my work from home lunch break to recenter and move.
Anne De Medeiros at 2021-02-05

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