Finding Stillness - Yoga for Anxiety


This intent of this class is to calm the mind and find stillness both mentally and physically. We will do this by withdrawing the senses through a short series of prone (belly down)...   More

  4.7 out of 5 Star

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Amy B at 2021-05-26

This is totally what I needed. Thank you for holding the space, allowing for silence, and that wonderful closing mantra. I feel much more relaxed after this.
Tasia-Ray Weatherly at 2021-05-02

Melanie B Long at 2021-04-07

This class definitely made me realize how much tension I hold in my lower back! Feeling so calm after. Thank you!
Melissa P Bougie at 2021-04-04

Thanks, Jessica, for your calming voice and centering words!
Allison Anderson at 2021-03-06

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