Finding Ease in the Chaos: Gentle Seated Flow


Join Kate in finding some space for yourself outside of the chaos. This 15 minute class is a slow and soft progression of postures, all done seated, either on the floor or in a chair.

  4.5 out of 5 Star

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love what she says and her soothing voice, but this is just so slow moving for me. first position does not start till 6:30 so you may want to skip ahead
April Burrows at 2021-06-11

Jennifer McKinsey at 2021-05-23

I absolutely loved this one. Kate offered lots of ways to modify the practice up to down. I thought the overlays of ways to adapt for chair yoga were inclusive and unobtrusive. This is one of my favorite videos on Joyn!
Sarah Smee at 2021-05-08

This was a beautiful soothing practice and Kate has a very peaceful presence. Sadly, I found the music was too loud and at times I couldn't hear Kate's voice but it also didn't seem to quite go with the gentle, peaceful practice.
Lauren Gillman at 2021-04-29

Very Gentle. lots of options
Kristina Nielsen at 2021-04-27

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