Finding Ease in the Chaos: Gentle Seated Flow


Join Kate in finding some space for yourself outside of the chaos. This 15 minute class is a slow and soft progression of postures, all done seated, either on the floor or in a chair.

  4.4 out of 5 Star

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Very nice, gentle flow. Helped release some tension I didn't know I was carrying.
Ashlee at 2021-03-25

I enjoyed this class and it really helped to loosen up the movement in my hips and knees which is where I have been struggling. Also, I love the kind words at the end. It makes the day better. Thank you!
Scarlett Maria Meyer at 2021-02-28

Loved this gentle meditative class - but I agree with the other reviewer that the music was distracting. Will do again though!
Kit Whelan at 2021-02-24

Rebecca Sheakoski at 2021-02-24

I really loved the movement and narration of this, particularly all the modification suggestions and options, and the talk about things being optional. But I found the music really distracting and mismatched. If I could turn off the music without losing the narration- 55 for sure.
Emily Perry at 2021-02-10

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