'Eono Session


Pacific Infusions with Lei - 'Eono This class is all about our core. We will whine, ‘ami, varu and many more movements. If you like to werk your waist, this is for you.

  5 out of 5 Star

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So much fun!!
May DePierro at 2021-02-17

Mar F at 2021-02-04

This was so fun! I felt it in my legs even more than my core (while doing it, at least...we'll see how I'm feeling later, haha). I also realized how tight my hips are! Grateful to have such a fun workout that can help work all of those areas.
Catherine Garbinsky at 2021-01-11

The first one I have done as a new member and loved it. Can't wait to try the other one's in the serious.
Gemma Learmonth at 2021-01-01

So fun. Man, I just love everything on this site.
Lia Presnell at 2020-11-25

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